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You can book a free consultation today!  Ask me anything, ask for examples, ask for guidance ~ Whatever suits you.  Just fill out the form below to get started ...

Why work with Me

Access Sessions From Anywhere!

Having worked with clients using all the same techniques as I have in Harley St now for many years, you will enjoy less travel, less hassle & yet the same quality of treatment.

Plethora of Techniques!

There are many techniques that work to help resolve problems and enhance life.  It's always been a passion of mine to learn but only to add those techniques I have found successful for my clients!

Decades of Experience!

With nearly three decades of experience & training, I've seen many changes in our understanding of what works & importantly ... why! Benefit from my time served when you schedule your sessions with me.

Access everywhere

From your home or office

Today we now have the ability to book sessions in your time zone, in the comfort of your own home.  I began working with online tools long before the world changed in 2020.  My clients were from far and wide across the world so this meant 'referrals' came in thicker and faster than ever before.  I have honed my techniques to suit the online set up.

Hypnotherapy NLP Havening TFT etc

Effective Proven Tools

You can learn more about the list of professional tools I use in our sessions in the Services tab above. 

Hypnotherapy is now proven in a myriad of ways with scientists in different specialisms taking the time to study the effect of Hypnotherapy on the client both inside & out!   NLP has decades of research to support it's efficacy & the NHS utilise both Hypnosis and EMDR in their sessions (if you can get an appointment!), there is a great deal more evidence of efficacy in these ever improving techniques.

Get Started Enhancing Life Today ~ with your complimentary meditation!

Easy booking

Time Zoned Calendars 

I use a calendar that converts automatically to your timezone.  There's never any concern over conversion to comfortable session times to suit you.  This is all part of the initial booking process.

Your Sessions

Your Sessions

This is all about you.  It's what you want and what you need that directs the process.  I can advise on the number of sessions that may be required to deal with known issues for example:  A series of three sessions is usual for the recovery from Phobias or specific problems.  Sometimes one session of the in depth inquiry we do, can resolve the problem.  Some clients prefer to leave the option of further sessions open on an adhoc basis.  We are governed by you.  

Sessions Stucture

Our first session involves enquiry.  (Unless you have a very specific purpose for the work). Here we get to become curious about what you want your life to look, sound, feel and ‘be’ like.  In that we then explore what’s happening now and why you believe it needs to change. Subsequent sessions enable us to dive into specific beliefs, behaviours and experiences that have become encoded in the neural structures of your brain (& spirit!). 


Young people can find life traumatic sometimes.  From bullying to confidence boosting ~ I’ve worked with them all.  Parents are involved with any under 18 sessions.


Teenagers suffer anxiety about a variety of issues.  From eating disorders to control issues, bullying or exam stress.  I’m here to help.  Initial sessions involve parent & teen to establish confidence.


The majority of my clients are over 18.  In fact the most common age group is between 30-60.  We work to dissolve trauma, fears and phobias.  We also work on Life Enhancements in every way!

Start Enhancing Your Life Today!

You can use the free consultation form below to make your initial contact, ask any questions you have, learn more about Leah & her many years of experiences and so on.  

Leah will then send you to the initial onboarding Consultation Form which after completion sends you automatically to the Scheduling Calendar.  Here you will select your preferred appointment time and from that page you will be directed to the payment options.  

It's all completely streamlined for your convenience!

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Get in Touch ~ Ask me Anything!

You can of course simply message me a basic question to answer over email.  Alternatively providing your best contact number, we can schedule your Free Consultation call to discuss your wants. Let me know a preferred time to call eg Morning, Afternoon, Evening and I'll do my best to fit in around your times.