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Time To Take Life To The Next Level?

Arrange a call from Leah so you can learn how she will help you to enhance life starting right away!  Whether you want to overcome obstacles, resolve trauma, dissolve anxiety or boost confidence and motivations in any area of life, Leah has decades of experience to call upon and a varied suite of tools to achieve your goals.

How It Works

Simply complete the form below with your preference of either a call back (include your phone number and best time of day to call in the message) or write your question in the message area and I'll get back to you with answers as soon as possible.


Get in touch with your questions.  One phone call can often begin the changes you want to make.


You can then choose the package that suits your desired outcomes.   eg Book three session package for many life enhancing programs or choose a single session to test the format and get to know Leah.


We schedule your first session using an online calendar that translates to your own timezone.  Your session is confirmed when your payment is received.


You'll receive an email detailing the Zoom Room link with confirmation.  You'll check your sound, camera and suitable space for privacy of your session prior to our starting time to avoid losing valuable time working together.


Get In Touch & I'll get back to you asap!

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What our Clients Say

Hayley Creed

IT Consultant

Leah helped me to overcome a lifetime of anxiety and depressive mood.

I genuinely thought it was 'just me' until she taught me how my mind was within my control and how best to use it!

The old me used to use excuses not to enjoy life, now every day is an opportunity to experience joy!

Paul Jeffreys


A stupid phobia that stopped me living my life vanished in three sessions with Leah!  I wish I had taken steps to overcome my fear of flying years ago!  I'm back from New York and my options for my career have literally taken flight!

Jack Carter


I didn't know what I needed until I began working with Leah.  The last few years had sucked the happiness from my life and I found myself miserable and often feeling hopeless.  

Leah's magic way of using techniques to open your mind, literally lifted me back to life again.   Her brand really does what it says on the tin!  I'm now listening to her meditations every day & take my mental health as seriously as my fitness!

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