Treatable Conditions I Have Experience With Using Hypnotherapy, NLP & More

My clients are attracted to Enhanced Life Hypnotherapy & NLP Online practice to make positive, impactful changes to their lives.

I use Rapid Change Techniques eg NLP, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, TFT/EFT, Havening etc

I add new skills and remain up to date with the latest research developments from Neuroscience, BioMedicine and the field of anti-aging.

My clients approach us for a myriad of problems and with a plethora of goals.

Here are some of the programs I offer plus a list of typical treatable conditions worked with:

Common Enquiries

  • Hypnotherapy & NLP Stress Management
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP for Anxiety
  • Hypnotherapy NLP TFT for Overeating
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP for Public Speaking
  • EMDR & Hypnotherapy for Childhood Issues /Abuse
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP for Exam Stress
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP for Pain Management in Birth
  • Hypnotherapy & EMDR for Surgical Procedures
  • EMDR & Hypnotherapy for Trauma Recovery
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP for Weight Loss

Stress & Anxiety

  • work related stress
  • relationship stress
  • health related stress
  • chronic stress
  • depression
  • chronic anxiety
  • circumstantial
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • situation anxiety
  • performance anxiety
  • social anxiety

Fears & Phobias

  • fear of the unknown
  • fear of dying
  • fear of sickness
  • fear of flying
  • fear of animals
  • fear of people
  • phobia of lifts
  • escalator phobia
  • dog phobia
  • bird phobia
  • wasp, spider, insect phobia
  • agoraphobia & claustrophobia

Unwanted Behaviours

  • extreme anger
  • moodiness & aggression
  • lack of motivation
  • procrastination
  • excess tv watching
  • extreme jealousy
  • lack of fitness
  • stressful thinking
  • limiting beliefs
  • socially awkward

Addictions & Habits

  • addiction to phone
  • addiction to online porn
  • stop smoking program
  • sugar addiction
  • addicted to the internet
  • addicted to exercise
  • addiction to cocaine
  • addicted to anger
  • addiction to canabis
  • addicted to drama
  • coffee addition (caffeine)
  • addicted to pornography
  • addicted to sex
  • addicted to illness

Personal Development

  • improved personal perception
  • increase self esteem
  • develop speaking skills
  • improved golf skills
  • modelling success
  • assertiveness
  • confident public speaking
  • masterful presenting
  • confident in meetings
  • sales confidence
  • increased resilience
  • strategy elicitation


  • compulsive behaviours
  • gambling addiction
  • compulsive lying
  • excessive eating
  • aggressive reactions
  • compulsion to take selfies
  • OCD
  • excessive talking
  • bulimic behaviours
  • driven by jealousy
  • need to be right
  • need to make others happy

Physiological Problems

  • excess sweating
  • blushing
  • facial tics
  • cancer & autoimmune
  • shy bladder syndrome
  • pain management
  • IBS - irritable bowel syndrome
  • eczema
  • tinnitus
  • bruxism
  • stammering/stuttering
  • hypertension (blood pressure)

Get Started Enhancing Life Right Now!

Meditation & Hypnosis audios are now proven to be an impactful tool to help you start your recovery from any issues and of course, to boost your confidence and motivations in specific areas.

You can get access to the growing library of resources hosted at my Substack where for just over £1 a week, you'll be able to choose from meditations, sleep hypnosis and get started enhancing life right away!

Your Instant Access To Unique State Management Tools ~ Enhance Life Now

A growing library of Guided Meditations & Hypnosis audios is hosted on my Substack.  You get access to all existing and new recordings from only £4.17 a month.  

In case you didn't see your specific problem or desired solution, you can get in touch for a 'no obligation chat' where you can ask me anything. 

I make calls between client sessions during extended working hours and respond to emails throughout the working day.

If your enquiry is urgent in nature, please write URGENT in the message area of the contact form.

What Clients Say ...

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You Can Book Your Hypnotherapy & NLP Sessions Today

At the Enhanced Life Practice, we adopt a mindset of doing what is right for you, which is a mix of Hypnotherapy, NLP and other advanced proven techniques.  

You will enjoy many benefits when you arrange your initial consultation, which is totally free and includes the benefit of a free relaxing guided recording to download today.

Meet Leah now and get to know how she works, what her experiences are and how she can help you to begin enhancing your life - today!

Brief Sample of Our Professional Services

  • Hypnotherapy

  • NLP

  • EMDR

  • Havening

  • Coaching

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the combination of Hypnosis (relaxed focus) with therapeutic techniques that allow for rapid change to occur.  Focused attention provides an opportunity for the treatment to positively affect the client in resolution of their medical or psychological concern.  Popularized by 17th and 18th century psychologists such as James Braid and Milton H. Erickson.  Read More

Get instant access to your free complimentary guided meditation!

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Get in Touch ~ Ask me Anything!

You can of course simply message me a basic question to answer over email.  Alternatively providing your best contact number, we can schedule your Free Consultation call to discuss your wants. Let me know a preferred time to call eg Morning, Afternoon, Evening and I'll do my best to fit in around your times.

*At Enhanced Life Practice, we adhere to strict protocols and ethics.  In accordance with our value system we ask our new clients to note that outcomes of sessions cannot be guaranteed for everyone. Results are likely to vary as no two people's lives, beliefs and unconscious responses are the same.