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Thank You for Booking Your Session!

Meantime, you can click the Button to Listen to your Complimentary Guided Meditation

NB this is a beta version of the membership, the free meditation link appears in the email confirmation.  You will receive an email with the latest recordings as they're added but meantime, new paid up members will have access to all audios via the Members Menu.

Check Your Investment Options

your investment explained

pay as you go

single session deposit

Pay for the deposit only today which is required to secure your session unless you pay in full.


remaining balance 

If you already paid the deposit & are paying the remaining session fee (£165) balance.


With discounts

full session discounted payment

Pay for the entire session today & enjoy an attractive discount.  SAVE £16!


session bundle 

Normally £660 buy a bundle of four sessions & enjoy the best discounted offer. SAVING £161!


When you invest in the Bundle, you can take those sessions anytime within a six month period.



Bank Transfer is Free with Zero Fees

Convenient Choices for Payment with Stripe Fees

 Your investment option with online banking (freE)

Prefer to pay with FREE Internet Banking?

Use these details to send the payment without any additional fees, use YOUR NAME as the reference.


Bank:  Cooperative Bank

Name:  Leah Butler-Smith

Sort Code:  08-92-49

Account Number:  13347912


(payment must be received 24 hrs before each session unless a bundle)

  • DISCOUNTED SESSION IN FULL:  £149 (save £16 per session when paid in full 24 hours prior to any session)
  • DEPOSIT ONLY:  £49
  • REMAINING BALANCE:  £116 (when deposit only paid to secure the session)
  • DISCOUNTED BUNDLE:  £499  (save £161 when you pay for 4 sessions!)

 Your investment option with stripe payment processOr

(includes 2.9% +.30C fees shown on the payment page)

incs stripe fees added at the checkout

deposit only

Secure your session today.


remaining balance

The usual session rate of £165  applies if previously paying deposit.  Pay 24 hrs prior.


Best Value


SINGLE Full Session

Full Sessions are discounted from £165 per session when paid in full at the time of booking.  Save £16! 



Secure a minimum of four sessions with even more discounts.  Great savings when you book & pay for more.  SAVE £161!


What's Next?

The Nutshell Version

  1. Check your email inbox for the Calendly confirmation booking email
  2. Drag this email to your main/ primary/ important folder
  3. Pay your deposit using the payment button options above 
  4. Look out for an email from info(@) if you requested an invoice
  5. Add the date/time of your scheduled appointment to your diary/ reminder app
  6. Look out for reminders of your appointment (via email/text)
  7. Pay the remainder of your investment no less than 24 hours prior to the session start (if you didn't already pay in full)
  8. Prepare your set up, test audio & video prior to the session
  9. Arrive just before your session time online & turn off all notifications/ set Do Not Disturb
  10. Prepare to Enhance Life!

The Elaborated Version

You will receive a confirmation email from Calendly (the booking system), that includes your scheduled appointment time and date.  Within the email will be the Zoom Private Therapy Room Link.  This is where we will meet for the scheduled session(s).

In case you're new to Zoom you can follow instructions on this helpful page > click here.

Within your confirmation email, you will be invited to pay your deposit using the preferred payment method (bank transfer is free) which will secure your session.  NB: Your session only fully secured when your confirmation deposit is received.

If you requested an invoice, this will be prepared and emailed to you separately and is sent from the email info(@), (usually within 24 hours) please look out for that and check your spam folders, drag the email to your Main/Priority/Primary folder to ensure all subsequent emails arrive instantly.  

If you need to get in touch with me directly just use the contact form here or email info(@)

Full payment for your session(s) is due no later than 24 hours prior to the start of your session.

You will receive reminder emails and text (if you selected this option) in advance of the session.

If for any reason you need to reschedule, you can use the links within your Calendly email to do so. Your deposit will transfer to your reassigned appointment providing this is actioned with 24 hours notice of the original time.

Know Someone Who Needs Leah’s Help?

Do you have a friend or family member you’d like to refer to Leah?  You can send them an overview of the more common problems she has worked with:

Get Access To A Free Meditation

To access the Free Meditation and view the foundation content for the Membership (Professional Meditations & Hypnosis audios) they are hosted on the Substack here:

For less than a fiver you get access to all audios plus new ones generated every month!  These will soon be moving to the App where you’ll be able to transfer your membership.

Finally ...

Buckle Up!  You just made one of the most important decisions of your life! 

I'm really looking forward to working with you :)  

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