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It's good to meet you!

Maybe you've heard my podcast or seen my youtube videos or perhaps you've been referred here by a friend.  The first step to learning how I can help you, is to arrange a call.  

Leah Butler-Smith Hypnotherapist NLP Trainer

Why work with Me

We all want to enjoy our Best Life.   We each desire success and ultimately want to enjoy greater autonomy and happiness in all areas.

What constitutes the best life is one thing for one person and maybe something else for another.  My role is to help you enhance your life by taking into account where problems lie and seeking a route to the most effective solution – quickly and efficiently!

One-on-one Consulting

At Enhanced Life Practice we arrange personal sessions using the Online tools available.  All sessions are as they would be if we met in the same room.

Group Program

If you're interested in a group coaching where a group of like minded individuals join me online, then you can begin by registering your interest.

Digital Products

Get instant access to professional meditations, hypnosis audios and soon video coaching modules.  These are currently hosted on a Substack for ease whilst the new App is in build mode.  

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Harley Street & Online

My first practice opened in Chelmsford, the city of Essex.  I then moved up to Harley Street in London where I still have an office today.  However, the majority of my clients request Online sessions, given they also live across the world, I now focus my time here.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Online

My Training & Professional Experience

The short version of some of the trainings and professional qualifications and experience I have are listed for convenience below.  You can learn more about my journey, training and other related information below this list.

  • Meridian Therapies (known as 'tapping' eg TFT. EFT & Faster EFT)
  • Psychosensory Techniques such as EMDR & Havening
  • Senoma Technique
  • Breathwork Therapies
  • Trauma, Anxiety & Panic Treatments
hypnotherapy qualification

The Longer Story ...

I have 24+ years experience as an Advanced Hypnotherapist & NLP Trainer. My work is sometimes called 'rapid change' as we focus our attention on where the real problems and solutions lie ~ your deep mind!

Clients include Celebrities, Entrepreneurs & Sports Personalities. As a busy Therapist, content creator and podcast host, I work with clients in London, Suffolk & now mostly Online.

Prior to my training in Hypnotherapy, NLP & Psychotherapy, I’d studied in Accountancy.  I loved the analytical accounting side but the rest of the work … was not for me.

I was incredibly fortunate to be offered an opportunity to leave my role with a hearty financial package.  This covered not only my expensive new training and allowed for me to take time away, to sit back and reflect on my true passions in life.  For me that’s the mind and all it’s amazing inner workings.

New Beginnings ...

I completed my initial training in the late 90s in; Psychotherapy, Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Analytical Hypnotherapy Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP.

The training was just the beginning and soon my frequent visits to the library were overtaken with online studies and research. I continued to learn, attend further training and develop my skill set.  My desire to learn and know more, has never ceased and I now include Neuroscience and Functional Medicine in my list of favorite topics and forums.

My studies have never stopped.  I’m excited to discover new techniques, new therapies and methods and I keep my ear to the ground on all proven discoveries of Mind & Body.  Here’s a few more snippets about my training & experiences ~ click on whatever interests you and remember, if you have a question I’m here to help …

NLP, Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Let me tell you a little about my initial training into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which began in the late 90s.  NLP is often quoted as being ‘the study of excellence‘.  

I continued my training by adding the Master Practitioner level of education and followed that with becoming a Trainer of NLP.  There are many models, theories, strategies and templates for working within the NLP model.  Primarily it is the Meta Model studying language patterns etc and the Milton model of using hypnosis.

You can read more about the history of NLP here.

In my early training into Psychotherapy, (I took that to the Advanced level) we covered many ‘models’ for counselling and Psychotherapy.  The Egan model was one that stood out.

I enjoyed this model and find some interesting ‘similarities’ to the NLP model for discovery.

Counselling practices involve the art of listening and reflection, in being able to show understanding of the client and help them to reveal underlying issues.

I have nothing against counselling or any other ‘talking therapy’ for some concerns such as grief counselling.  But in my professional and personal experiences, I have met many individuals whose ‘depression’ became worse during and after their counselling sessions.  

In my work, we consider the trigger event only for as long as we need.  It is well known in the theraputic community that to replay old memories again, is to further embed the impact they had – negatively!

This includes 're-traumatising' an already traumatised client by asking them to relive in full technicolour, the cause of their trauma (PTSD).

Also in my work and using the techniques I prefer – it is possible to work without sharing any (or limited) content at all.  This helps clients who may have memories that involved difficult to talk about experiences.

The Media 

I was invited to write regularly for the Essex Chronicle.  In the county it’s the most popular paid publication.

When I moved my Practice to Harley Street in London, I was approached on many occasions by a variety of Media including producers and film/documentary makers.  I acted as a Consultant for several productions and appeared in ‘talking head’ pieces speaking on the topics of Phobias, Anxiety and Hypnotherapy and an unusual one on ‘fetishes’!

I’ve been interviewed by many of our Media Channels on the subjects of prevention of violent crime, causes of Phobias, Hypnotherapy, the health service and latterly the overwhelm on the NHS.  (That actually lead to the Prime Minister being asked to respond to my comments on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show).  I also featured on ITV This Morning in a discussion about the harms caused by forced (mandated) mask wearing which is now common knowledge.  

I have been interviewed for ITV Anglia and ITN News, C4, C5, BBC on more than one occasion and invited to speak on BBC Radio Live.  I’ve featured on a number of other channels and newspapers inc;

Sky News, Yahoo News, the Mirror, Independent, The Sun, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The London Economic and many many more!  

Psychotherapy vs Hypnotherapy

Psychotherapy is similar to counselling but they are not the same.  One focuses on listening and sometimes that requires the therapist to avoid any comment other than ‘reflecting’ the clients emotions. 

Psychotherapy training can be more in depth and more ‘analytical’ in nature.  Psychotherapy is many times more powerful and effective when you combine it with Hypnosis.

Analytical Hypnotherapy is sometimes known as Hypnoanalysis and is in some ways similar to Regression Therapy.  What these models have in common is they help the client with the Hypnotherapist guidance, discover the root cause/ trigger event of a current problem.

Whether the client needs to locate the original sensitising event of a belief, phobia, trauma or behaviour – the purpose is always the same – to change the experience and release (where necessary) any repressed emotions.

I went on to do training into Advanced Hypnoanalysis and have used this knowledge and skill with many clients.

Paul McKenna first introduced me to meridian methods.  I followed my experiences with specific training in the school that first brought meridian therapy and tapping to the public domain as an effective and rapid treatment for many anxieties and phobias.

There are many studies showing the efficacy of these simple techniques and I now use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TFT & Faster EFT in my work.

Paul McKenna is a world famous personal development trainer so when I was invited to support him at his events as a Guest Trainer, I happily agreed.

I spent a few years joining other senior trainers and hundreds of participants, all with a determined mindset to achieve positive change.

Psychosensory Therapy in the NHS 

Like TFT, EMDR been studied using brain scans for many years.  

It is one of the few really effective therapies that the NHS UK free health service offers to help people overcome Trauma.  Getting anywhere near a waiting list is proven to be something of a trial.  EMDR uses eye movement combined with skilled therapeutic instruction to help the client first trigger the trauma, then dissolve the chemical solution that held it in it’s position in the Amygdala.

The military and respected organisations have been using EMDR and Tapping to help victims of war overcome PTSD and other damaging mental health issues.  

Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy, is a highly effective but very simple technique that requires a deep understanding by the therapist of what is working, why and how to test for the changes.

Havening came about when doctors studied why tapping was so effective, and realised it related to the ‘safety’ mechanism and brain state activated under specific circumstances in the body/ brain.

What’s the main difference between Life Coaching and Business Coaching? 

Life coaching will be centered around the goals you have in your life and that might include your career or business goals.

Business coaches focus primarily on the business the client is focused on and their main aim will be to guide the client in steps to achieve those goals.

The crossover is when a coach is knowledgeable in the mind, behaviour and what motivates and inspires us.  In that instance, you’d see the coach (therapist or practitioner) work on a deeper level to enhance the desires and attribute the client wants.

Growth Mindset is the focus on the thinking and language we use to demonstrate and influence our experiences.  When we adopt a growth mindset, we become aware that our words dictate our actions.  

Mindfulness requires us to become aware of how we feel, what we do, what we’re thinking and how all those elements can impact on our lives and how we interact with others. 

  • Mindfulness is a practice of self awareness.
  • Growth mindset is a practice of language awareness.

Meditation vs Guided Meditations

Meditation and Guided Meditation are both mentioned almost on a daily basis.  With Silicon Valley companies introducing these are standard assets for new employees. 

Meditation is known to literally change the shape of the brain when practiced regularly.  But meditating is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’.

Some find the instruction to sit in silence and not ‘think’ a tad challenging. That’s where my Guided Meditation comes in.  Here you get the same benefits of calmness of mind and positive impacts to the brain, without having to learn a new technique.

Pure meditation takes practice, a lot of determination and a strong desire for what it provides.

I am the founder of the growing in popularity Enhanced Life App – where a collection of Guided Meditations is accompanied by a unique option of choosing ‘sleep hypnosis’ versions to further enhance your positive experiences. The website hosting my meditations and other personal therapy tools, required a rebuild after some unfortunate hacks in 2021 that happened whilst I was caring for my mother.  I now host the content on a substack where articles are free and open source and the related paid materials are behind the paywall.  The cost is a modest and competitive one and I intend to keep it that way.

Neuroscience & Functional Medicine Studies

Neuroscience is a relative new science compared to many but it’s popularity in the media is clear.  Whenever a Neuroscience study can be quoted and referenced, a technique or coaching model gets a great deal more attention.

Functional Medicine is attracting more Doctors, GPs, Consultants and Practitioners every single day.  What Functional Medicine does – is look at the whole person rather than dividing them into compartments.  Functional Medicine acknowledges that every system of the body, impacts every other.

I studied biochemistry and had some fascinating conversations with scientists who as clients in my practice, found my passionate enquiry rather surprising and somewhat delightful, if not ‘rare‘.

As part of my daily studies into Neuroscience, brain science, social science etc – I have learned a great deal about the powerful influence our thinking has over our health and wellbeing.  Together with a deep knowledge of what stress is, how it’s caused and the devastating effects on your wellness.

It is a natural part of my practice to actively encourage moderation of the impact of stress on my clients.  And wherever necessary, I teach simple yet powerful techniques to continue mastering your stress management. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy vs NLP?

The main aim of CBT is to highlight how your thinking is impacting on your life experiences, choices and your abilities.  NLP achieves the same but the techniques are far more effective and elicit rapid change in comparison to CBT alone.

CBT and NLP challenge the thinking (beliefs) that relate to problems like stress, anger, depression, suicidal thinking and anxiety.  NLP’s advanced formulas take what CBT offers to a new level.  

Since my Practice launched, I have met and worked with successful business owners, CEOs (inc Fortune 100!), Celebrities of stage and screen and the world of sports and a few very well known Entrepreneurs.  It was at the request of my corporate clients that I expanded my work into training and workshops.

I’ve coached children in schools and presented NLP workshops for employees.  Together with my business associate we launched our own Stress Management Program to compliment Employee Benefits the most successful firms offer.

I’ve also partnered with other trainers and gone into businesses to deliver specific workshops for their employees and management staff.  Many employers will support you in the sessions we can have as they are viewed as either personal and professional development or stress management  both are accepted as Benefits and are tax deductible expenses.  

Check with your HR and let me know if you need an invoice for your company.

when you know how!
Life doesn’t have to be the challenge we sometimes believe it to be.  It isn’t essential to ‘struggle‘, ‘keep your chin up‘, ‘cope with it’, or ‘fight the good fight‘.

It’s possible with the right knowledge and tools to enhance life and model it so that it looks, feels and becomes the way you desire it to be.

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“Human happiness is a disposition of mind and not a condition of circumstance.”  – John Locke

Case Studies

treatable conditions online therapy hypnotherapy nlp

Case Studies To Help With Your Decision Making

Wherever possible, the case studies you will read are a reflection of the actual sessions conducted with the client.

How Does This All Work?

Most people who arrive on this site, already know something of what I do but for those who just want the short and curlies version of what to expect when you get in touch for a conversation;

The Enhanced Life Model

  • First we explore what you want ~ Goals, Dreams, Hopeful Expectations
  • Then we explore why those haven't already been achieved & do a deep dive into what you need to ensure you can and will achieve what you want.
  • Our sessions are focused on developing new states of mind, built with new life enhancing beliefs that we cement into place using a variety of mind enhancing tools.
  • Where there's trauma attached to a belief or if that's a reason for a behaviour you want rid of, we dissolve the effect of the Trauma

Get in Touch ~ Ask me Anything!

You can message me a basic question but the best way to really learn what you need to know, is to provide your contact number and a time to call and I'll do my best to fit in around your preferred times.