How Can Hypnotherapy & NLP Cure Anxiety?

Treating Anxiety with Hypnotherapy when combined with NLP techniques is incredibly successful in alleviating if not curing all symptoms of the anxiety.

Using the word 'cure' is sometimes considered wrong in the therapy world.  Mainly because you cannot know if someone is cured unless you follow them indefinitely. So if I use this term - it is used thus;

cure = absence of symptoms

Having Suffered Anxiety & Panic Attacks ... I speak with experience

It helps that as your Clinically trained Hypnotherapist, I myself suffered with anxiety and panic attacks from a teen into my late 20's.  It is one of my strongest passions to help other alleviate the symptoms and regain a sense of being in control.

Just imagine... you like me, can liberate yourself of all symptoms of anxiety & live a more enhanced life! 

In my case, the 'cure' came when I first began to study Hypnotherapy.  One of the first symptoms of my anxiety that disappeared was insomnia.  I used 'self hypnosis' which I now provide in the form of guided meditations on my Substack.  You'll find two of the short meditations to use daily here:

What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety?

Whilst no two individuals are the same: the triggers or underlying causes and the methods of recovery may be different- there are some pretty obvious symptoms all sufferers endure.

  • feelings of panic for no obvious reason
  • a sense that something is wrong
  • irritability
  • unable to concentrate
  • restlessness
  • needing to be on constant alert

The worst thing is for the sufferer is, there appears to be no rhyme or reason to when it comes on and when it calms down.  That makes people feel like they have no control over anxiety or panic and it seems it is happening 'to them'.

Anxiety affects people in different ways, both physically & emotionally

I've treated clients with devastating symptoms of anxiety including terrible IBS that lead to near suicidal thinking, agoraphobia, reluctance to socialise, inability to go out even with friends and so on.

I've worked with people who've called ambulances out on numerous occasions, I've met high flyers who cannot believe they are suffering a 'mental' problem and many more examples of presenting life concerns caused by anxiety.

Anxiety is a symptom driven reaction to a particular pattern of thinking.  Our job is to tap into that and change it.

The Physical Side of Anxiety

Here are some of the physical symptoms anxiety sufferers report.

  • nausea
  • faster heart beat and rapid breathing
  • dizziness
  • tiredness yet trouble sleeping
  • muscle aches & physical tension
  • dry mouth
  • excessive sweating
  • headaches
  • pins & needles
  • stomach ache

Techniques that help recovery from anxiety

Hypnotherapy and NLP are just two of the techniques I've found incredibly useful when it comes to resolving the causes and symptoms of anxiety.

From the very first time we meet, it is my intention to understand you, your life and your perception of what may have caused the increase in stress that lead to anxiety.

Our focus in the first session is to provide you with skills and tools to begin the process of managing your state so that you can leave the session feeling more in control.

State management will become your best friend from our very first meeting.

The ability to re-set your state easily, is our focus in the very first anxiety hypnotherapy & nlp session!

Like all new things, it takes practice to build your confidence but I've worked with many individuals who've reported instantly feeling they were 'going to be ok' after just one meeting.  Our next sessions continue to build on the positive state management whilst dealing with the underlying causes.

In my work I've met literally hundreds of people from every walk of life who've had enough of feeling anxious and just want to get on with their lives as they 'imagine' everyone else is doing.

Because the anxiety I suffered began in my teens and continued into my late 20s - I wasn't surprised to see many young people coming in for sessions to overcome this problem.

That said ... every age group can be affected including very young children.

The office of national statistics found that 12 million people suffer with Anxiety - that's a lot!!

Sadly not all will seek treatment but I can assure you I have worked with as many men (if not more!) than women, yet it has been suggested that men rarely seek help.

The NHS has little to offer those who are suffering, other than medication or long waiting lists for the much less effective CBT.   Anxiety hypnotherapy may have been available some time ago, the preference for medication has scrubbed out that offer.

And sadly it is now proven in numerous studies that medication is unable to change the 'thinking' of an individual and if there is any improvement following a prescribed medicine, it is considered likely to be the result of the highly known Placebo effect.

As a member of Functional Medicine movement I have this to add about anxiety ...

It is a fact that the functional medicine movement is fast growing because doctors and medical consultants have always known that lifestyle impacts every area of health and wellness.

We will be exploring your lifestyle and in the event we identify any obvious concerns that indicate anxiety and negative brain/body chemistry are being affected, we'll talk about how to resolve that.

Whilst my role is in helping you change the way your mind is processing experiences, I am ever mindful that you are a whole being and every part of your functionality supports every other part.

Anxiety hypnotherapy is still shown along with the other methods I include, to be the most effective long term treatment for symptoms.


It is important to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with you.  There is something wrong with a mental program in your mind right now and that's what we aim to correct with our anxiety hypnotherapy & NLP treatment program.

At the Enhanced Life Practice, I have a mindset of doing what is right for you.  This involves a mix of exploring the problem you are having, learning how that is affecting your life, what your goals in life are and then working on what you need to make it right.

When we work together I'll use a mix of Hypnotherapy, NLP and other advanced techniques.

With Advanced Training & Long Term Experiences using Hypnosis, NLP & other proven techniques, I am proud to have helped many hundreds of individuals release the anxiety and return to living an enhanced life!

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