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Meantime I've added a series of FAQs based on common questions I'm asked.

20+ years experience helping people enhance their lives - I learned a lot!

Is Hypnosis Natural?

YES.  Hypnosis is a natural state that you enter naturally every single day.  It is the same state you experience when you drift into a 'trance'.  Many people who drive a familiar route, will sometimes realise they were driving without 'thinking'.  

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

YES.  Anyone who has the will to be hypnotised can and will be.  Going into trance is a choice we make and as a Hypnotherapist it is my role to be your guide, using my professional training and experience to enable you to relax your conscious critical mind, so that changes can be made directly to the unconscious. 

Will I Remember Everything When I'm Hypnotised?

YES & NO.  You won't necessarily 'forget' the work you do in your unconscious mind but you will likely only focus on the positive elements once any negatives have been 'edited' or emotions released.

What Is The Difference Between The Conscious & Unconscious Mind?

Conscious Mind. The conscious mind is our critical thinker.  It is the part of our mind that is active when are considering choices to make, formulating ideas and planning.  Our prefrontal lobes are most active when we are using our conscious mind.  This is the activity associated with Beta brain waves.

Unconscious Mind.  When we are referring to the unconscious mind, we are really talking about a few things.  Our body is governed by our unconscious mind as it takes control of every system ensuring you breath, your heart rate and blood pressure are maintained, healing takes place, food is digested and so on.  It is also where memories and experiences are stored.  This is the activity associated with Theta brain waves.

What Is NLP & How Will This Feature In My Sessions?

YES.  As a very experienced NLP Trainer, NLP forms part of every enquiry and every meeting we have, even if Hypnotherapy or another technique is our main focus.  NLP is more than just a set of techniques, in my mind I'm using my knowledge and experiences to understand the nature of the problem and the best solutions to present.  People share a lot more about the way they 'think' and what their unconscious beliefs are, just by speaking in conversation.  

Equally, well trained practitioners are actively using language and influence to assist clients with changework, even whilst appearing to be 'just talking'.

How Will I Know Which Technique/ Therapy To Choose?

That's my job.  My 20+ years of experience enable me to assess based on our first conversations and meeting, which techniques will serve you best.  You can of course have a preference as some clients do, but overall I'll be guiding and advising on which direction the sessions will take.

What Is The Investment For Hypnotherapy & NLP Sessions?

I have developed a pricing scale.  My clients benefit today from the sliding scale of prices that reflect the number and length of sessions booked and the method for payment.  For example session rates for single standard session differ from extended sessions and are dependent on your needs and goals.  Once we've talked I'll send you the full outline so you can peruse the programs and available discounts I offer at your leisure.  

How Many Hypnotherapy & NLP, Havening, EMDR, Tapping or Coaching Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions is dependent on you.  My advanced experience allows me to make assessments of the number of sessions you may need to solve your problem or make the improvements you desire.  If you want to change a habit or recover from a phobia or fear, often between 1-3 sessions is all you need.

Some clients will choose to book an entire three hour program in one afternoon to tackle a significant issue 

Other times people are looking for ongoing coaching and/or  therapeutic intervention that will require more sessions.

A simple trauma, as bad as it can be for the individual, can often be collapsed in one session.

What If I Don't Really Want The Change?

Que? This question really only arises when someone has an addiction eg smoking.  They have a desire for the life they know they could be living without the addiction but anxiety that they will be able to succeed and maintain the changes.

If you don't 'want' to stop smoking, we can book a session to evaluate and assess why you are resisting and work with that resistance BEFORE we enter into any changework program.

It is important to note, hypnosis is powerful, NLP is powerful, EMDR has helped people eliminate deep trauma in a matter of sessions but none of the aforementioned can 'make' you do something your unconscious mind disagrees with.  We can talk about that when you get in touch.

How Do Hypnotherapists Work?

Hypnotherapists work in different ways. There are some less experienced Hypnotherapists who use 'scripts'.  I recommend you stay well clear of those!

An experienced clinical hypnotherapist, like me, will work with you using Hypnosis when it's the right method to help you change or adopt healthier behaviours (mind and body).

Hypnotherapy enables us to bypass the distractions and get directly to the roots. 

What Is A Clinical Hypnotherapist?

A Clinical Hypnotherapist is one that has been trained professionally in therapeutic methods of using Hypnosis to help clients make the changes they desire.   Your therapist will have certifications to prove they have clinical training.

The term was adopted when Psychotherapists (like myself), Psychologists and Psychiatrists began adding this to their tool kit.  If a Hypnotherapist does not have 'clinical hypnotherapy' training, they may not be advanced enough to deal with every potential problem, trauma or issue that arises.  You can learn more about me and my professional training and experiences here:  About Your Practitioner Therapist

How Does EMDR Work?

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing EMDR works by enabling the memory to release from the Amygdala and process through to the normal memory centres of the brain, thereby losing it's powerful traumatic energy.

Some experts perceive that EMDR allows for Delta brain waves to generate a state of calmness in the body/mind and therefore the alert state is resolved.

It is a relatively simple technique for a well practised and experienced therapist to use with clients.  It involves activation of the memory through enquiry, followed by eye movements and continued testing for emotional response throughout the session.

Compared to traditional techniques for dealing with traumatic memory, it is much less painful and in my experience, the results are far more rapid. 

Previously patients were forced by therapist and Psychiatrists to relive their trauma in full, over and over again in the hope they would eventually become 'desensitised'.  This is unfortunately often the opposite case.  

EMDR dissolved that practice and is considered by the WHO and military (even the NHS!) as the preferred treatment for PTSD.  

You can learn more about EMDR here:  About EMDR Sessions

How Do I Book My Hypnotherapy or NLP (any) Sessions?

Booking is easy.  You can use any of the contact forms on this website to get in touch.  Alternatively you can call.  Initially you can ask me anything and we'll go from there with booking your consultation (free) which you can attach to your first session or schedule for an online face to face meeting.

Do You Offer A Free Consultation?

YES.  The free consultation is a 15 minute time slot where I assess your concerns and develop a program for you.  Many clients prefer after our initial enquiry conversation (call/email) to add their free time to their first paid session increasing it to almost 80 minutes.

What If I Need To Cancel My Session?

That's okay.  We can reschedule sessions to another more convenient time.  We arrange a deposit for sessions to be paid in advance which covers any late cancellations.  I require a minimum of 48 hours notice for you to keep the deposit.  I required a minimum of 24 hours notice or the full fee is required.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For My Sessions?

Just Yourself.  There is nothing you need to do as such as I'll send you the consultation form to complete before our first meeting.  Depending on the program you choose, there may be a Coaching assessment to complete.

You can also get access to a free relaxation recording with my compliments when you sign up for the newsletter on the Substack. If you wish, you can begin to listen to that each night before we meet as the calming voice will help you to become familiar with me.

Can I Bring Someone With Me?

Yes. There is no problem with you bringing a friend or family member to your sessions.  They can come in and attend until you feel comfortable.

If you wish for them to remain during the session, that is also fine with me, we just ask for quiet uninterrupted time together.

Can I Go On Holiday During Our Sessions?

Yes.  There is no reason for you to delay your usual activities.  Even if the work you want to do relates to a trauma or childhood issues, we will be mindful of your upcoming trip and ensure we open and close any memories appropriately.

I often teach state management techniques to maintain calmness between sessions and believe this to be an invaluable 'life skill'.

I have worked with clients online for many years now.

Can I Book To Have Sessions Online?

Entrepreneurs and business travellers benefit from my Online Sessions where we can meet face to face using conferencing software.  Having had a number of international clients who meet for their sessions this way, it has become the preferred way of meeting.

Studies show that moving the sessions online, often reduces the level of anxiety that a client may have in advance of their meeting.  It also reduces costs and makes access to sessions more practical and easier for most.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the combination of Hypnosis (relaxed focus) with therapeutic techniques that allow for rapid change to occur.  Focused attention provides an opportunity for the treatment to positively affect the client in resolution of their medical or psychological concern.  Popularized by 17th and 18th century psychologists such as James Braid and Milton H. Erickson.  Read More

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*At Enhanced Life Practice, we adhere to strict protocols and ethics.  In accordance with our value system we ask our new clients to note that outcomes of sessions cannot be guaranteed for everyone. Results are likely to vary as no two people's lives, beliefs and unconscious responses are the same.