Procrastination Eliminated with NLP Hypnosis & Coaching ~ is this possible?

Procrastination eliminated with NLP Hypnosis is a claim I can safely make.  And the best way to explain this will be with a case study.

Whilst many of my clients have benefitted from NLP Coaching to eliminate procrastination and overwhelm, Hypnotherapy or rather in this case, Hypnoanalysis can prove invaluable and a rapid effective method.

Enter a stuck author, who although he is a journalist and so writes for a living, he simply couldn't finish his first book.   

Greg and I met through our mutual 'side job' of being 'experts' in a very popular community of entrepreneurs.

He the expert in media and how to get positive attention, and me as the expert in influence and persuasion, mindset, mental health and coaching.

When he asked if I could help him to get unstuck and stop procrastinating, I didn't hesitate to say YES!

Aside from anything else, I have a lot of confidence in your mind knowing precisely what it is that keeps you stuck and how to help that part overcome their resistance.

I'm able to share with you what happened in the sessions because Greg has shared this experience publicly with thousands of others.

Beginning the process: Procrastination eliminated with NLP Hypnosis

NLP has a place in all sessions, as usually will Hypnosis (relaxed focus attention).  To begin our sessions once we work through enquiry, we might first practice some state management techniques. This ensures that no matter what occurs, my clients can always restore a positive grounded state during the session.

I also like to stack some anchors that will help with any historical issues we might uncover.

Most of our problems really come from what we learned or didn't learn well, when we were young.

Our neural networks are packed with joined up experiences that are triggered by our 'in the now' moments.

These memories are connected by the sensory, thought based, visual and emotional similarities.  They are effectively information and our mind is automatically seeking how to respond by tapping into those.

Trouble is ... many of those historical experiences can be what trips us up in our adult life.

So by stacking those positive states consciously, we can comfortably lead into the hypnosis and start asking questions for which we are ready to deal with what comes up.

Overcome Procrastination with Analytical Hypnotherapy

Analytical Hypnotherapy is rooted in the 'hypnoanalysis' techniques that are sometimes called 'inner child work'.  

I prefer calling it analytical because you cannot guarantee the experience will always come from childhood (there's a night terror case study coming on that!).

In order to analyse what is happening inside Greg's mind, I first asked him to imagine himself in a setting that allowed him to construct a meeting room to invite the part that was responsible for him procrastinating over the content of his book.

Your mind will do whatever you ask of it.   And on top of that ... it's very honest!

Whilst we seek to understand what is going on in our mind, we often overanalyse and complicate what is usually very basic.

Your mind will protect you from anything it perceives will be a danger to your life. With the best will in the world, Gregs desire to finish his book did not eliminate procrastination.  And some of the strangest experiences can translate as if we are at risk, when truly we are not.  It's about unconscious perception.

Parts Therapy Uncovers The Part Responsible for Procrastinating

Greg invited (with my guidance), the part of him that was stuck in procrastination.   Greg described that part as being 'grey and slumped across the table'.  That part was very miserable and prevented him writing.

What is important using this therapy model, is that you understand why different parts of us exist, how they are created, that they can have their own personality, look like us or look like something else.  They are representations of the emotions, beliefs and experiences that the part has taken on and help us to understand what the part is trying to protect us from.

There are many parts therapy models.  It's one of the most fascinating and powerful techniques to use with Analytical Hypnotherapy.

Timeline Staging Helps Us Look Deeper Into The Roots Of The Procrastinator

We can set up a timeline in the mind, that represents the life of the part, belief or person so we can explore further and discover more.

The roots of the belief are always the best place to make changes but in my experience as a professional Hypnotherapist, I can say that the root is not always the most powerful of the experiences that require our attention.

In Gregs case we were able to use the physical posture of the part he had identified as being responsible for the procrastination.  In order to eliminate procrastination from Greg's writing, we needed to know what was being triggered.

In his case, he found himself recalling a memory of being in his mothers arms just moments after she told him she was dying.  

A profound experience that appears at first sight, unrelated to the desire to write a book and become a successful author.

What was locked into that moment, were feelings of vulnerability, self doubt and a feeling of being 'lost'.  Those same emotions arose every time Greg attempted to write.

You see it's not a logical experience, but you can start to see where these early experiences, can be triggered by later thoughts and even if unrelated, they relate to the emotion or belief that is at the centre.

Time Travel to eliminate negative beliefs

We proceeded to travel the timeline of Gregs experiences that sat within this neural network of similar memories.  Each time, Greg has the opportunity to support the part of him then, now ... And so undo the negative beliefs that were cemented at the time.

It is my experience and strong belief, that we maintain a need to resolve what was not resolved, undo what was done, fulfil the child's wish and train our mind to have a completely different experience, which then becomes part of a new network of thinking, feeling, actions and beliefs!

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Greg's own words below shine a light on how much impact his sessions had on his writing.

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What Greg Said ...

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