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I Help People Enhance Their Lives

With modern effective rapid change techniques that help modify unwanted behaviours and generate the new! 

Combining decades of experience using Key Tools for Behaviour Change & Mindset Wellness, you'll discover how to 'run your own brain' & enhance all areas of life.

Leah Butlersmith


I absolutely love my work!  Helping people enhance life, experience happiness & find joy despite the circumstances of our lives is a privilege & a pleasure!

A Sample of Some of the Services & Techniques Available

  • Hypnotherapy

  • NLP

  • EMDR

  • Havening

  • Coaching

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the combination of Hypnosis (relaxed focus) with therapeutic techniques that allow for rapid change to occur.  Focused attention provides an opportunity for the treatment to positively affect the client in resolution of their medical or psychological concern.  Popularized by 17th and 18th century psychologists such as James Braid and Milton H. Erickson.  Read More

Leah helped me overcome my fear of public speaking.  After nearly two years of working from home (not my choice!), my confidence was on the floor.  Leah helped me regain my 'self' and develop great tools for managing stress so I can ensure I stay strong no matter what comes.

Jenny M


New Here?

Three reasons to choose the services I provide ...

One-on-one Consulting

Working one to one we get right to the root cause of the problem.  We don't dwell on negative experiences, we simply rewire the brain to adapt according to the experience you WANT to repeat in your future.

Multiple Methods

...equals positive change!  By adding multiple methods to my existing tool box for change & life enhancement, I have every confidence I can offer you the right solutions to your concerns, from trauma to anxiety & more!

Nearly Three Decades

With nearly three decades of experience working with individuals, large & small groups ~ that's a wealth of knowledge to tailor to your needs.

Praise and Testimonials

Leah helped me stop feeling anxious all the time.  I simply couldn't stop the negative thoughts.  Now I am calm and positive about what I can control.

Paul Simmons

Living through the lockdowns left me anxious, depressed and hopeless.  Leah helped me find my reason for living again!

HALEY creed

For a while I felt all the beauty in life had vanished.  Now I look for it in every moment of every day!

Mary Jones

I developed a physical problem that no Doctor could cure.  Leah's help has led to huge relief & hope of a full recovery.

jack carter

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About Leah

Leah has a warm personality and is one of the easiest people to talk to.  You feel safe in her care and her openness is comforting.  In addition to her ongoing studies into all things Mind, Behaviour & Brain wellness, Leah is a keen Health Researcher.  Her research focuses primarily on studies to support her work, where she enjoys making the connections between the latest Scientific journal findings (Neuroscience is a fav, as is Psychoimmunerology!) and her work.  Whatever your desire; whether it is to alleviate stressors, move away from pain (physical or emotional), leave  trauma behind or simply enhance your thinking and motivations, Leah has the right tools and the right attitude to help you get there.

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You can of course simply message me a basic question to answer over email.  Alternatively providing your best contact number, we can schedule your Free Consultation call to discuss your wants. Let me know a preferred time to call eg Morning, Afternoon, Evening and I'll do my best to fit in around your times.