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Over the years I've had some wonderful feedback and praise from my clients.  The messages have come to me in the form of notes, cards, emails and latterly texts.

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Meantime please do peruse the comments below.

Greg Fidgeon

Allowing brain wizard Leah Butler-Smith into my head.

I won’t go into all the ins and outs of the process – the neuroscience she explained that is behind it is mesmeric - but after more than an hour into our session we were both in my head looking at the grey, miserable f__k who was preventing me from writing; stopping me becoming a published author. He was slumped across the table, his head on his arms. The twat.

Then we went back through my timeline to look for a memory in which the pose was replicated. Ping! There I saw teenage me slumped on my mother’s lap, my head on my arms, moments after she had told me she had lung cancer. My feelings at that time were of vulnerability, doubt and being ‘lost’.  And they were rearing their heads again every time I tried to write.

Leah took me and young me to a few other places in my mind and, long story short, we both now feel more positive, safe and reassured - and inspired to achieve our dreams. In the last two weeks I have been more productive with my writing that in the last two decades.

I will have my first book – a compilation of my short stories from over the years – out very soon. And then I will set to work again on my first novel.

But the point of this post wasn’t really to wallow in my own progress. It was to say to anyone who feels the fear or anxiety surface when they try to do the work that letting a professional in to have a look under the hood is the wisest of choices.

Thanks to those who have helped me, and thank you for reading.

PS. Neuroplasticity. Bonkers.

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The doctor said I needed six weeks off my feet to recover.  The pain was constant but my goal of running the marathon lead to me Leah.  One session embedded the pain control in my mind & I ran my best time! 

*Enhanced Life Practitioners do not recommend overriding pain messaging without prior consent from your Medical Advisor/Doctor

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Leah helped me overcome my anxiety of presenting which had developed into panic attacks before I finally made the call.  I used the same confidence techniques to go for a promotion & I got the job!

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The sessions utilising NLP with some Hypnosis, not only profoundly changed my personal experience but interrupted my professional confidence.  To realise that in just a few sessions my life could be altered so dramatically, led to some concerns over what is desperately needed yet missing within the Psychiatric profession.  Personally I am delighted, professionally I am now frustrated these techniques are not common practice!  

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Paul (not real name)

I found you in Harley St when I was visiting the UK & a friend you'd helped recommended your services.  I was embarrassed to admit as an Actor I'd begun to suffer fear of speaking in front of others!   I hadn't anticipated getting as much from the session as I had so it was a huge relief when you took your practice online!  Last week NewYork, next week Thailand & I can continue the work we started from anywhere!  I'm already 100% happier - Thanks from the bottom of my heartx

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Andreas C

Not only did my anxiety mean I could not do any presentations to prospects but I couldn't even speak to my bosses to ask for recognition!  As for meetings, I remained silent & frustrated.  Until I met you.  When [X] mentioned you and how you helped her overcome nightmares, I thought I wonder if you can help me.  In two month I've gone from silent to desperate to share my ideas with everyone!  You saved my career & helped me 'enhance my life'!  Thankyou Leah!

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Adrian Giles

I honestly think you're a mind reader Leah.  You just knew that losing my 'breaks' at work was my biggest obstacle so when you gave me the tools to continue spending time with good friends at work - it was the difference that made the difference!

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I tried every diet there was but never really believed I could lose weight.  People said I was 'just like...' my mother and as she struggled with her weight every day of her life, I figured that was me.  Then I met you and we worked on how I was thinking and built some amazing powerful beliefs into my mind and now I KNOW like I KNOW - I am exactly who I believe I am!

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Sally Conor

My IBS had gotten so bad I couldn't eat and if I did, my body just rejected the food immediately! I'd lost weight, looked awful and my family were desperately worried about me.{...} My life has completely changed. I can go anywhere I please, I am calm and comfortable in my own skin again. I can eat food and have put on the weight I lost. I feel amazing and so confident now thanks to Leah.  Who is one of the nicest ladies I've ever met!

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I would never have looked for a 'therapist' before but I read an article Leah had written in the Essex Chronicle and it was as if she was talking about me!  I was sick of feeling anxious, had called am ambulance the week before and now - thank goodness - I feel I can live life normally again!  I listen to my meditations every night & everyone comments on how much more relaxed and happy I am.

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I needed quiet and space between me and the place where my biggest problems were.  You made me comfortable immediately!  I never would have guessed I could be sat on a bench changing my whole life!  And change it has ... thankyou Leah!

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Andrea C

I had tried hypnotherapy once before and didn't really feel comfortable with the therapist.  I felt they were 'reading a script'.  Whereas you incorporated everything I said into the session and made it all about me. I'm so glad to have chosen you as my hypnotherapist & I'm happy to refer others to you.  You are a genuine gifted Hypnotherapist!

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Shari Teigman

I came to Leah with a lifelong phobia of animals, especially dogs that I have tried my entire life to get over, to no avail. I was coming over to the UK for a month and staying in a home with 3 dogs, so I knew the time had come!

I was blown away but her thoughtful and brilliant responses to posts I’d seen on Facebook and as a mindset coach myself, I knew I needed someone trained in things I do not know about so I couldn’t wiggle out of being the client this time!

Leah is a wizard. I am a stubborn one to help and honestly had little faith this was ‘fixable’ as I had tried so many modalities for years before. Not only did she help cure me of my dog phobia and turn me into a dog lover but we uncovered so many other connections that she flawlessly helped me work on simultaneously.

Things that surprised me? Everything! Her intuition, her ability to work around resistance and fear, her bespoke methods, her insatiable love of both learning and service literally blew me away.

I will never as long as I live, forget the moment I sat comfortable surrounded by 3 dogs feeling free and unstoppable because Leah showed me if I can overcome what I thought was part of my identity – there is literally nothing I cannot do.

I have referred others and will continue to do! I trust her with people closest to me who I cannot help and she has already changed their lives even more than mine.

I very much plan on returning for further sessions as I feel Leah is the key to freedom on all levels from things that stand in people’s way.

As a result of the sessions, I feel stronger, more capable, more flexible, more empowered.

It takes a lot for me to trust someone and to believe change can come when I’ve done so much work on my own. Leah is beyond words incredible and I recommend from the rooftops – she’s stuck with me for life!

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Hey Leah! I wanted to let you know it worked! Not only that but my friend (smoker friend) is determined he's going to visit you very soon! You said to continue with my 'breaks' & he can't believe I'm happy to just chat without smoking. I honestly think I could have done this a long time ago if I'd removed all those 'excuses' you helped me identify. I plan to send everyone who asks how I did to see you! You're brilliant! Thanks again.

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Susan F

When I came to see you Leah, I didn't really know what I wanted from our sessions. I just knew that I was unhappy and part of that ... was the dreadful relationship with my mother. As she was now elderly I found myself deflecting (you pointed this out) to the fear of losing my beloved dogs. That session we had ... you know the one - changed my entire world! I'm so relieved to have had the opportunity to connect with my mother in a way I never knew I could. It was worth everything Leah. Literally everything xx

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Matthew Jones

I had a medical diagnosis of Myoclonus (suspected) but also a concern I had a phobia of 'tea cups'. Rather random but with your help I learned it was more a fear of 'holding' something when in the presence of others. The sudden jerking was a bodily trigger brought on by a serious of Traumas you helped me to overcome. I never believed when I came to see you for some confidence boosting for job interviews and a hope we could work on the tea cup thing ... that I'd find myself transformed, without any jerking movements and the confidence to travel the world! Your help has gone above and beyond my expectations and I thankyou always Leah X

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When you sent me the audio, I was in excruciating pain. I began listening and found for the first time in weeks, I could sleep! My consultant couldn't believe how relaxed I was post surgery, he asked what I was doing to manage the pain. I told him ... listening to this! Thankyou So Much - your sensitivity and understanding meant the world to me at a very difficult time!

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Dr M

Given that my entire career and many years of study, have been focused on healing problems of the mind, I was frustrated that there were no effective treatments for a crippling fear of public speaking. I'm very grateful to have discovered NLP and spoken with confidence at my book launch - thank you for your fantastic support!

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John C

I lived my entire life believing that there was something wrong with me. I knew I had PTSD but no treatments worked. I never expected my visit to you for something as silly in comparison (fear of wasps) would lead to a complete cure of the lifetime of PTSD symptoms I've suffered. My whole family thank you!

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Sarah C

I cannot thank you enough. I don't know how you do what you do but I know after the very first session my daughter was a totally different person. It's not too much to say, you literally saved her life! She couldn't leave the house and was in a constant state of anxiety. The doctors could do nothing to help. Thankyou so very much!

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Laura Barber-Riley

I'm so grateful to you today! It's the first day I've been confronted by a full blown sickness bug since you treated me. I have even thought today that actually it would be easier to get my own dose of it over and done with... WHO AM I?! WOW... I think you must have actual magical powers! You treated me absolutely ages ago! I can now look after my children with confidence!

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